What Makes Traditional Thai Massage Unique?

If you’re new to traditional Thai massage, you may be wondering what makes Thai massage so different from other types of massage. While most people understand that massages offer many distinct health benefits, few people truly understand the unique benefits of Thai massage.

Thai Massage vs. Regular Massage

Massage offers relaxation, healing, and wellness benefits, but what makes Thai massage so different from the forms of massage that most people are familiar with? To begin with, Thai massage, unlike other forms of massage, is done while you are fully dressed, which makes many people feel more comfortable during the massage process. Additionally, Thai massage can be done in a group setting, which allows people seeking massages to meet other like-minded people and develop a wellness community.

Unlike other forms of massage, Thai massage doesn’t use oil and does not require the presence of a massage table. Instead, Thai massage offers a portable, flexible massage experience that utilises movement and support to help the body heal and align. Unlike other massage therapists, Thai massage therapists use a variety of body parts, such as their elbows, feet, forearms, hands and knees, to provide relief for patients, which allows for a more comprehensive massage experience, aimed at resolving issues and helping clients emerge feeling refreshed.

Finally, Thai massage is meant to offer a full-person wellness experience that focuses on strengthening the mind and energy as well as the body. This approach allows clients to access and improve their core energy while also improving their flexibility and comfort.

Choose the Best Thai Massage in Sydney for Your Healing Experience

If you’re searching for the best Thai massage in the area, look no further than Thai Village Massage. Specialising in Sydney Thai massage that draws on traditional Thai massage practices, Thai Village Massage is a full-person wellness station designed to help you feel stronger, happier, and better on a daily basis.

3 Surprising Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage

There are a myriad of reasons why you should indulge in a massage at Thai Village Massage. One is that we offer Sydney’s best Thai massage, but there are others that may surprise you. If you think massage is just for easing muscle tension, read on to discover the other interesting benefits you can reap when you try our services at Thai Village Massage.

1. Traditional Thai Massage Can Boost Your Immune System

Also called Thai yoga massage, traditional Thai massage incorporates yoga movements into the practice, which make this technique more invigorating than standard massage. The massage therapist will move your body in a series of stretches at the same time that they incorporate reflexology, acupressure, and meditation.

Livestrong writer Clarissa Adkins says studies have shown that Thai massage boosts the immune system because it improves circulation (by releasing toxins) and invigorates the nervous system. If you find yourself getting sick often, this is an excellent reason to try our services.

2. It Can Reduce Mental and Emotional Stress

Together, the combination of yoga stretches, reflexology, and meditation that Thai massage offers encourages a mind/body connection. It emphasises learning to detect the link between physical tension/pain and your emotional wellbeing. Meanwhile, meditation allows you to both manage them and release them. The result is decreased stress on many levels.

At Thai Village Massage, we believe our practices are healing arts. In addition to the above techniques, we also utilise aromatic herbs and oils to aid in relaxation and feelings of wellbeing.

3. It Can Help Increase Your Energy

Thai massage is naturally more energising than standard forms of massage. First of all, it’s more rigorous, and second of all, it’s akin to practicing yoga without having to do any of the work, according to About Health writer Cathy Wong. The stretches and movements get your blood moving, and the acupressure aspect relaxes muscles and eases tension.

Sydney’s Best Thai Massage and More

There are obviously many great reasons to try the best Thai massage in Sydney, but Thai Village Massage also offers other services that can be equally as relaxing and invigorating. For instance, try Foot Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Thai Herbal Hot Compress Massage, or Aromatherapy. We have a range of services that will soothe and destress you, and our competent, experienced staff has the expertise to make it your best massage or spa treatment ever. Visit us today at one of our 10 convenient locations across the Sydney area.

How to Increase Flexibility and Overall Health with a Traditional Thai Massage

Each year, we grow more and more concerned with our health and wellbeing, both on an individual level and as a society. We monitor how much food we eat and the types of stress we allow into our lives, and even how many steps we take daily. But is all of this enough? Studies are starting to show that even the most active health fanatics miss one of the most beneficial health practices of all: stretching. Yoga is a simple way to stretch on a regular basis and can be very relaxing, but nothing says stress relief like adding a traditional Thai massage to your weekly routine.

Why Is Stretching Important?

If you pull a rubber band too hard too quickly, it will snap on you (and probably hurt quite a bit). Stretching it over time, however, will allow it to grow bigger and longer. Your muscles work in much the same way. By not keeping your muscles stretched and loose, you can run the risk of pulling or even snapping them through even the most routine of movements.

The Benefits of Routine Thai Massage Stretching

Stretching isn’t just for those who exercise regularly. In fact, everyone can benefit from this routine practice across all ages and levels of fitness. If you’re not sure about your physical capacity to get on the floor and get moving, though, consider allowing a trained Thai massage therapist do the work for you. You’ll be relaxed and comfortable, and the only work needed on your part is cooperation and simple breathing. With time (or often with just one session) you’ll feel stretched and ready to take on the world.

Finding a Traditional Thai Massage in Sydney

Sometimes finding the right location for a traditional Thai massage can be quite the challenge. Often you’ll find yourself wondering if you can trust the masseuse you’re working with, or if they are even qualified, but here at Thai Village Massage and Spa, that is the least of your worries. Our staff are highly trained in the art of traditional Thai massage, incorporating yoga, acupressure, reflexology, and meditation. Let your troubles drift away, your muscles slowly stretch, and enjoy the relaxation of an invigorating Thai massage.

A Massage for Your Mind and Soul, Not Just Your Body

Your body is where you live, and no one will ever argue that regular maintenance isn’t important for your body. This maintenance can be achieved in a multitude of ways, from healthy diet and regular exercise, to regular grooming habits and the occasional indulgence. But like a soft wave against hardened stone, many fail to recognize the importance of protecting themselves from the one element that causes the slowest and most degrading damage: stress.

The demand for massage therapy continues to grow each year, with a projected 22% labor demand increase over the next ten years. As more people realize the importance of stress management, a new question arises: what types of massage will provide you with the most benefits?

The Traditional Thai Massage

You might be familiar with the aggressive Swedish massage that quite literally pounds the stress from your body, but many are now turning to the calmer, more relaxing Thai Massage instead. Rather than lying in one position while a massage therapist works the knots and kinks from your body, Thai massage therapy instead walks you through a number of relaxing yoga poses designed to relieve physical, mental, and spiritual stress as well. Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to pull off any downward dogs or complicate crane maneuvers, in fact, all you have to do is allow the masseuse to do their own thing. They’ll support you, and move everything for you. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Benefits for Your Mind, Body, And Soul

The benefits of a traditional Thai massage are nearly uncountable, but here are a few to get you started:

Release of muscle tension – This is the most common massage benefit, leaving your muscles feeling loose and relaxed for days, sometimes weeks later.

Improved circulation – When your body is held in a yoga pose, blood is forced to that area, and then released. This constant movement promotes healthy circulation.

Release of mental and emotional stresses – Thai massage is one of the few options that also incorporates progressive breathing practices and meditation, leaving you relaxed and calm.

Improved immune system – By reawakening your nervous system and rejecting toxins from the body with improved circulation, you’ll feel a positive immune boost in no time.

Quality Thai Massage in Sydney

At Thai Village, our main concern is providing our guests with a calm, relaxing, invigorating experience. Our massage therapists are highly trained and specialize in the promotion of your general well-being. If you don’t already indulge in routine massage therapy, consider giving us a call and experiencing the benefits of traditional Thai massage for yourself.

Relax Both Mind And Body With Thai Massage

As is true of any vibrant and cosmopolitan city, the Sydney community is always on the go. Whilst this busy and sometimes stressful existence is often inescapable, it can be hard to find the time to dedicate to much-needed relaxation. After all, this can be just as important in achieving a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle as our other everyday commitments.

What Is Thai Massage?
Although Thai massage is relatively new to modern-day spas, it has been widely practised and incorporated into remedial traditions in Eastern cultures for around 2,500 years. Renowned for being a more gentle variation on the popular Swedish massage, Thai massage is a unique healing art combining acupressure, reflexology, mediation and Hatha Yoga with aromatic herbs and oils. The end result is a profound sensation of relaxation, peace and wellbeing.

How Does Thai Massage Work In Practice?
Traditional Thai massage generally harnesses the energy of the body as a whole, engaging elbows, hands, knees, feet and pressure points in innovative ways. Some of the flexing and stretching movements and breathing techniques are reminiscent of yoga disciplines, helping to stimulate flexibility and encourage the release of tension in joints and muscles. Unlike yoga, however, all gentle manipulation is performed by the therapist, thereby circumventing the need for effort on your part!

For safety and comfort, traditional Thai massage is carried out wearing loose-fitting clothing on a grounded, padded futon mat. This video demonstration helps to give an idea of the type of sequences and techniques employed during a Thai massage.

What Are the Benefits of Thai Massage?
It is not by coincidence that this style of Eastern massage has become increasingly popular in the West. Both deeply relaxing and energizing, Thai massage can be very effective in countering anxiety, insomnia, headaches, muscle tension and spasms, as well as providing relief from shoulder, neck, back and hip pain.

Experience Thai Massage for Yourself
Whether you are male or female, young or old, healthy or frail, our team of experienced and professional masseurs employ the best Thai massage techniques and practices on the market, across 10 Sydney locations.

Perhaps you know somebody who deserves a bit of pampering? If so, Thai massage can also make a great gift and our gift vouchers are available for purchase and use across all of our Thai Village & Spa products and services.

Beat Holiday Stress With Traditional Thai Massage

The holiday season is filled with joy, cheer, and time spent with family. Christmas can also be filled with lots of stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Luckily, traditional Thai massage can help to alleviate stress in all its forms!

Sources Of Stress
Stress can come in many forms during the holiday season, and it affects everyone in different ways.

Holidays mean parties and family gatherings galore. If you are hosting one or more events, you are in charge of decorating, organising food, and making the guest list. Pulling all of this together takes mental effort and time, something we are all a bit short on.

Even just attending a party can be stressful. You must share personal details about the past year to family and friends. That much transparency can often leave us feeling drained.

The expectations during the holiday season are very real, and constantly present. From hosting the perfect party to sending the best Christmas card, or even buying presents, trying to live up to what others expect of us can be challenging and stressful. In the age of social media especially, we post our (heavily edited) lives online for all to see. We see what we “should be doing” during Christmas, and this adds another source of stress.

Beating Stress
With all of this stress during the season of giving, you should give yourself a gift: the best Thai massage! In fact, the Mayo Clinic recommends massage as one of the BEST ways to help prevent or recover from being overly stressed.

At Thai Village Massage and Spa, we offer relaxing and stress-busting massages and facials designed to help balance your energies and re-center your spirit. One sure to beat the holiday blues massage is the Thai Herbal Hot Compress. This traditional Thai massage uses 10 Thai herbs to decrease tension and improve circulation, as well as to help with aches and pains.

A Facial Massage with Collagen Facial Massage Cream is also ideal for helping to relieve stress while also being anti-ageing and rehydrating.

Foot Reflexology is just what you need after a hot day of Christmas shopping. Your feet are tired from all that walking in the Australian winter, and this targeted treatment will help to release tension and boost your immune system.

Reward yourself this Christmas for burning the candle at both ends with the best Thai massage Sydney has to offer.

Welcome to Thai Village Massage New Blog

Thai massage is one of the most refreshing ways of rejuvenating your body and mind. Since the incredible Ayurvedic doctor named Jivaka Kumar Bhacca invented this traditional form of massage in the times of Buddha, this ancient healing system has gained popularity beyond the Orient. Indeed it is rated one of the most common types of massage in the largest cities across the globe.

At Thai Village, our traditional Thai massage is all about regaining your strength after a strenuous day at work. The fact that modern society demands more physical and mental exertion means you are most certainly exhausted by the time you are done for the day. But that’s not all, you sometimes have to carry work home with you to meet the never ending deadlines.

Our new blog is dedicated to educating you about the beauty of this form of ancient therapy. This traditional therapy combines point pressure on vital energy channels to promote unhindered, energy meridian work, and yoga stretching which rejuvenates your muscles and invigorates both body and mind.

Why is everyone raving about our Thai massage Sydney services? It is not only an ideal way to reinvigorate your body but the fact that it eliminates all tension in the body is an added advantage. After a session you feel more relaxed, destressed and after a good night’s sleep you are ready to face the next day head on.

As the best Thai massage parlour in the city we advise everyone to visit us for a traditional Thai massage at least once. Whether you are just tired or feeling stiff and sore or feel like a treat Thai massage is the best solution. What’s more, our services are perfect if you play sports and have had an intense game or sessions and your muscles are tender. You can also leverage our therapy sessions if you suffer from arthritis or any other debilitating diseases.
What benefits will you get?

The benefits include more strength and flexibility, muscle relaxation, enhanced lymphatic function and heightened immunity. With improved flexibility you will be able to enjoy life more.

If you are wondering why this is a distinct form of massage, consider the fact that no oils or lotions are used in the process. You will also not have to undress because your pressure points are well known and the masseur will concentrate on eliminating the piled up tension in these areas.

Quite fascinating isn’t it? You will be getting more updates on our Sydney Thai massage and trends in this area in our new blog section. Of course you can always comment and ask us everything that you would like to know. Your feedback is always welcome!

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