Body Scrub Spa: How Will It Help You Relax & Rejuvenate

A body scrub spa can be your place to experience the perfect weekend treat. It’s where you can leave the problems and pressures behind. It’s your time to give your body the treat it deserves.

There are many massage spas in Sydney. Whichever you choose, don’t forget about the body scrub. This is the way to getting the most out of the service.

Many Sydney individuals and professionals request for a body scrub mainly due to the following benefits:

1. Reduce stress, experience relaxation

When we experience chronic stress, our skin’s the first to manifest the effects. That’s because it occupies a large surface area. In addition, we often forget about our skin because of our focus on our face.

Truly, a facial massage or treatment can help us reduce stress and feel relaxation. However, a body scrub can also provide the same (or more) benefits. Our body can get a full treat this way.

2. Moisturise

A body scrub and treatment session can provide the skin with some of the nutrients it needs. The skin will also get moisturised and protect itself from the harmful elements outside.

One secret to having a fresh and glowy skin is by moisturising regularly. You can accomplish this by having a weekly or monthly body scrub treatment. After every session and during the course of several weeks, you will notice the improvement of your skin’s glow.

3. Have a fresher-looking skin

This happens partly because of the improved blood circulation. Our bodies won’t need to work extra hard to flush away toxins. Essential nutrients will also be able to flow freely into the different areas of our skin.

Body scrub spa Sydney

This weekend (or perhaps even just after work), it’s time to give your body the treat it deserves. If you need a weekend treat for your face and the whole body, the Thai Village Massage & Spa can help you. We have 14 locations over Sydney.

Massaging the Face: What are the Hidden Benefits?

Massaging the face can bring benefits to your overall mood and health. After all, it’s a key part of your body where the distress often shows up. It’s also the most visible part of your body. Hence, it deserves equal attention as your whole body.

Both the ladies and gentlemen will greatly benefit from a facial massage. Here’s how:

1. Leave the anxiety behind

From your own experience, a brief massage is proven to remove the anxiety (even for just a moment). With a facial massage, the calmness can last far longer.

Your facial muscles also experience some tension from everyday work and pressures. Exposure to the elements and poor blood circulation can also contribute to the anxiety. The symptoms often show up through the years.

To leave the anxiety behind, a good traditional Thai massage and a facial massage can work wonders. You can then fully relax and benefit from the massage for the coming week.

2. Focus on the present

What’s the key to achieving full relaxation and happiness? The answer is focusing on the present.

Right in this moment, you might have no real problems at all (except if you’re in physical pain right now). Most of the negative thoughts and feelings you have are in the past or the future.

But if you can fully focus on the present, you can readily notice an improvement in your mood and overall well-being. Having a facial massage can help you achieve that. It will make you focus on the soothing feeling. You will be able to pay attention to the present (which is the most important moment any time of the day).

3. Make others see the glow on your face

Your friends and colleagues might wonder how you can still have that glow even after stressful weeks of work. The secret lies in the regular facial and body massage.

Each weekend is a perfect time to rejuvenate and prepare yourself for the coming week. It’s also a perfect time to treat yourself and fully enjoy the good life from time to time.

Massaging the face: Sydney facial massage spa

Many Sydney individuals and professionals now come to the Thai Village Massage Spa for their weekend treat. Aside from facial and body massage, our customers also enjoy:

  • Hot stone massage
  • Foot reflexology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Thai herbal hot compress massage


You can check our locations today so you can gain a fully relaxing experience this weekend.

Hot Stone Massage Wollongong: 3 Natural Benefits

Thinking of having a hot stone massage this weekend? Well, it’s the perfect time to relax and unwind. It’s the time to forget about the work and business for a while. After all, your mind and body deserve some time off.

To motivate you further about having that massage, here are the 3 key benefits:

1. Physical relaxation

Many types of massage induce physical relaxation (hot stone is no exception). That’s because from the ambiance and setting itself, you’ll feel that it’s time to leave the work and pressures behind.

This physical relaxation helps you get rejuvenated and prepared for the next week. You get some rest and you recharge your body. That physical relaxation also releases some tension (and hence improve blood circulation).

2. Mental relaxation

A calm mind also goes with a relaxed body.

Notice that when you’re feeling some physical pain that it’s hard to be calm and relaxed. Also notice that it’s much easier to relax when you’re not feeling any physical pain.

It’s a side benefit of the massage. When the tension gets released and the body is in a relaxed position, it’s easier to keep a calm mind. Truly, the physical can affect the mental (the outward can affect the inward).

3. Get better sleep

Sleep is our body’s way to recuperate and heal. Without quality sleep (especially when you experience regular sleep deprivation), your body experiences unnecessary stress.

A hot stone massage can help you get better sleep. It’s a result of a calmer mind and improved blood circulation. Your body will then finally get its well-deserved sleep after long days of work.

Hot stone massage Wollongong

At Thai Village Massage & Spa, we perform:


Contact us today and let us help you relax this weekend.

Facial spa near me: Do you need a facial massage today?

“I’m looking for a facial spa near me. I want to relax and unwind from the stressful week.”

Yes, you might’ve overheard this from someone. After a busy week, everyone deserves to treat him/herself. It’s time to relax and rejuvenate.

But where can you find a reputable facial spa? How do you choose the best one? And to motivate you further, what are the benefits of facial massage? Let’s answer those important questions below:

3 benefits of facial massage

Here are the benefits many customers have reported:

  • Relieve tension and get in a better mood
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Detoxify and cleanse the body


A good facial massage can quickly get you in a better mood. Your facial muscles, skin and tissues are all sensitive. When you give them a treat, you’ll feel better instantly.

How can a facial massage improve blood circulation? Every day our bodies (including our face) accumulate some tension. During a massage, some of those tension is released (either a facial or body massage).

As a result, blood can flow freely. Nutrients can better flow and the toxins can be better flushed out of the system.

When it comes to flushing out the toxins, a facial massage can really help. Your faces also have muscles and blood vessels. They also need some pampering so they can relax and allow the blood to flow freely.

Sydney facial spa near me: How to choose the best

It’s good to choose the one that’s near you. This way you save time and you avoid any hassle along the way (after all, the purpose is to relax fully).

Also, choose one that is near to a place where you normally go. If this weekend you’ll also go grocery shopping, it might be good to choose a place somewhere near the supermarket. Or, if you’re visiting a friend or family, find one that’s near that (and maybe take them with you to the massage spa).

Location is important. That’s why at Thai Village Massage & Spa, we have 13 locations across Sydney. You can choose one that is most convenient to you.

Contact us today and we’ll give you a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

How a Thai Massage Can Make Women Look and Feel More Beautiful

These days, many people who visit spas on a regular basis to improve their health and overall wellbeing are fully aware of the fact that Thai massages are an excellent choice. These treatments can help create an ideal mind-soul-body balance. After each massage appointment, they feel more relaxed and ready to conquer the world.

What Impact Does a Thai Massage Have on One’s Overall Appearance?

In this context, one may ask: how does Thai massage actually influence our appearance and self-image? Can this specific massage style make women look and feel prettier, and become more confident in their power of seduction? The answer is yes. Here’s why.

Our Best Thai Massages Relieve Fatigue. This popular type of massage relaxes all the muscles in one’s body, allowing clients to experience a deeper state of relaxation. This pampering treatment can be as effective as an entire day spent at the spa. It may also have the power to restore and even amplify one’s natural beauty by making the face seem rested.  By reducing the signs that stress and lack of sleep leave on a woman’s body and face, Thai massages may very well help women restore and protect their youthful appearance, one appointment at a time.

Thai Massages Contribute to Silkier, More Radiant Skin. Aside from strengthening the body’s musculoskeletal, respiratory, digestive, immune, and nervous systems, these massages also improve circulation, making the skin look silky and fresh throughout the entire day. As a matter of fact, regular massage sessions provide a number of notable benefits that any ageing woman will undoubtedly appreciate, including an enhanced blood circulation leading to a glowing complexion, optimal lymph drainage, and the improved functionality of several internal organs. By bettering nutrient and oxygen flow, massages can perfect one’s skin tone, contributing to a more attractive appearance.

Thai Massages May Speed Up Recovery After an Injury. Those who benefit from regular Thai massage sessions may also get the chance to recover rapidly and smoothly after certain injuries. By stimulating blood flow, massage techniques may speed up the healing of injuries, allowing clients to get in the best shape of their lives, physically and mentally, in no time.

To experience all these amazing benefits, consider scheduling your Thai massage appointment at Thai Village Massage &Spa, and make the most of a dreamy sensorial experience.

Think Differently with Thai Massage and Mental Health

How many times do people think to themselves, “I wish I could think differently about that?”

All types of circumstances can cause problematic thought patterns. Many people do not work to counteract these thoughts, though. Leaving worry and stress unchecked can make the problem worse and make it tougher to change later.

With Thai massage, mental health concerns become part of the past. Routine massages can do wonders for alleviating worry and stress in a number of ways. Here are just a few ways a massage can help a variety of troubling thoughts.


Past Worries

Many people are kept up at night wondering about what happened in their pasts. They might worry about missed chances or mistakes they’ve made. But Thai massage teaches those involved that it is not productive to mourn the past. Instead, a massage therapist can help relax the person and connect the physical body’s rest with the mind’s acceptance of the past.


Working Out Current Troubles

Most people would likely admit they simply don’t have time to work out the issues plaguing them. They might feel that they have too many day-to-day requirements, and time to better their lives or think through solutions to their problems doesn’t exist.

Thai massage, for mental health, can make all the difference. It can offer quiet time to consider what’s really important, taking the person away from life’s necessary tasks and giving them time to pay attention to their own health above all else.


Considering the Future

In addition to current worries, lots of people wonder what their futures will hold. Thai massage instills the importance of living wisely and loving the current moments in a life, instead of spending time fearing the future. The time a person spends getting a massage leads to better mental health and encouragement for the future, even if that simply means that the person will incorporate “me” time into their routines.


In order to think differently about life, consider how Thai massage and mental health are interconnected. Try a massage soon, and see how it might change the way life is approached!

Why Thai Massage is the Perfect Christmas Gift

Many people begin the Christmas season by making a list of gifts to purchase for their loved ones. They think about each person’s interests and enjoy preparing gifts that are sure to bring joy and excitement. But what about the person whose gift can stump even the most creative friend or family member?

When they think outside the box, giving the gift of a unique experience comes to mind. That’s where Thai massage comes in.

For Christmas, Thai massage offers the chance to provide a service the recipient may not seek out on their own. It might seem like an indulgence—but that’s what gift-giving is all about!

Here’s why Thai massage is the perfect gift to place under the tree this Christmas season.


Time to Relax After the Holidays

It’s no secret that the holidays, while fun, are also stressful. Many feel like they need a vacation in January each year simply to recover from all the hustle and bustle the holidays bring.

For that reason, giving a Thai massage as a gift will encourage the recipient to take the time they need after Christmas to relax. It will provide time set aside specifically for this task and prevent it from getting lost in the shuffle.

Especially for those who host their families or travel far from home, a nice afternoon spent getting pampered could be just the thing that makes the holidays feel as relaxing as they should. This gift will show a loved one how much their health—both physical and mental—is valued.


Setting the Stage for the New Year

When the new year hits, many people jump right back into their busy schedules with little rest after the holidays. It will be a true gift to give a family member the chance to set the stage for their new year by taking time for themselves. With a Thai massage, the new year can start with energy and eagerness.


Giving the gift of Thai massage for Christmas is simple, as gift vouchers are available at many locations. Help family and friends end the year relaxed and start the new one energised! 

For Parents, Thai Massage is a Perfect Way to Alleviate Stress

We undertake major responsibility when we become parents. From when our children are babies to their adulthood, we are always involved in nurturing them become the people they were created to be.

Though parenting brings lots of joy, it can also cause stress, especially in the early years of having children. We find that to do our jobs well, we need to set aside time to recharge, align our focus, and prepare for upcoming times of the year.

Thai massage gives us a great way to relieve stress and take time for ourselves. Especially during certain times of the year (holidays, for example), massage can help us remain centred, happy, and healthy. The following are just some of the many ways we, as parents, can benefit from Thai massage and alleviate stress.


Away for Some Peace and Quiet

Our homes can be loud and bustling when we have several young children living there. It can be difficult to regain energy with only a few hours of peace and quiet a day—and often, those times are filled with chores and other tasks. We need true rest, a time without any other voices intruding.

With Thai massage, parents enjoy this oasis. We can relish silence in a room outside the home, which allows our minds to calm and refocus, as well.


Increased Energy

For parents, Thai massage employs traditional methods for massaging the body’s muscles, along with oils, and herbs. These elements combined make for a truly soothing and rejuvenating experience, which we all need from time to time in order to continue to be effective parents. There are benefits of muscle massage beyond relaxation, though.

These massages also increase our energy. When our muscles are tight, it makes it hard to move with ease, holding us back in terms of liveliness. When our muscles loosen, movement is easier, and energy returns. Especially for those of us with small children, having a supply of energy is invaluable.


Time to Reflect

Thai massage, for parents, also offers crucial time to reflect. We invest in our children daily, but we tend to leave little time for thinking about ourselves. While relaxing during a massage, we can think over important topics, work on solutions to issues, and pay attention to our own thoughts and desires.


As parents, we must make sure we can give our best to our children. Taking the time for a massage can make all the difference. Contact Thai Village Massage and Spa to start relaxing today!

How Thai Massage Sessions Can Benefit Busy Professionals

Long hours at the office, hectic schedules, multiple deadlines that most people must meet at the same time-these are only a few of the elements that put a lot of pressure on busy professionals.

According to new research, in 2016 employees are more stressed than ever, and this issue is lowering the quality of their work.

Here are three ways in which traditional Thai massage can benefit people who feel the need to break their monotonous, strenuous routine, and take better care of their body, mind and soul.

  1. Thai Massages Help Achieve and Maintain An Optimal Energetic Balance

For overly stressed individuals, Thai massage sessions are like a breath of fresh air. Revolving around the same principles for more than 1,000 years, traditional Thai massage is a part of a set of oriental procedures that gravitate around the concepts of energetic balance and inner energy flow. By aligning and balancing the entire body, Thai massage enables people to relax, minimize exposure to daily stressors, and achieve an ideal energetic balance, which allows them to face any challenge that may arise at home or at work without losing their temper or unleashing any negative feelings and emotions.

  1. Thai Massages Relax the Body

Massage sessions are a great method to release endorphins that have a calming effect on our peripheral nervous system. As the experts from Mayo Clinic point out, regular massages are the key to reducing pain and stress. Thai massage encompasses stretches resembling the ones that are comprised by a yoga session. This specific massage treatment also includes muscle compression, acupressure, joint mobilization, and stretching techniques, which relax the body and leave the client feeling rested.

  1. Thai Massages Can Become a Part of a Wellness Program

Unlike workouts that only take care of the body and meet one’s health and witness goals, Thai massages target a wider spectrum of necessities and problems, and ensure a perfect balance between the soul, mind and body.

Every single day, your body communicates with you through signals that you shouldn’t ignore. If it tells you that it feels tired, stressed or sore, perhaps you should go easy on yourself.

Take a break from your reality, and get ready to enjoy a Thai massage that will instantly put you in a good mood, take away your back pain and sore muscle, help you relax, and improve your perspective on life.

The Connection between Thai Massage and Yoga

Did you know that the Thai massage and yoga have the same roots?

Practitioners believe that the traditional Thai massage started in Thailand by an Indian physician who also introduced yoga in the country as part of spiritual therapy. The massage grew more popular than yoga.

A Thai massage is normally a sequence of stretches and pressure points with the aim of achieving mindfulness and awareness of one’s body. The massage enables conscious channeling of healing energy for better relaxation. The massage acknowledges the existence of an invisible energy flow in the body and can be manipulated by a skilled practitioner for healing purposes.

The Thai Massage and Yoga Combination

Both practices are rooted on spiritual principles. While you may think that yoga is all about twisting your body like a contortionist and the awesome ability of standing on your head, the main purpose of yoga is to make you aware of your surroundings by encouraging higher levels of consciousness.

This purpose is similar to that of Thai Massage. The massage is not just intended for stretching muscles but also to facilitate a flow of energy through the body resulting to body healing.

The amazing part is that a traditional Thai massage and yoga are a combination that works on the body’s energy, consequently improving the physical body. The two practices use the same techniques to improve energy flow.

Massage has similar benefits of yoga and is sometimes referred to as the “lazy man’s yoga” because you can skip yoga and instead head over to your favorite Sydney Thai massage parlor and experience the same healing benefits.

Is There Any Difference between Thai Massage and Yoga?

There are a few things that make the two different. The first difference is that yoga can be practiced alone while the best Thai massage you’ll ever have will definitely require a therapist.

While you need practice and experience to fully benefit from yoga, a massage is more of an applied yoga because it requires zero skills or practice to experience.

While beneficial, yoga requires time, dedication, and discipline. A Thai massage has great benefits similar to yoga but only takes about an hour with the help of an expert.

Are you in need of some physical healing and relaxation? Call us today for the best Thai massage in Sydney!