Here’s a Quick Survey of Massage Effects

There are myths and facts about the benefits and effects of massage. After all, many studies and researches rely on anecdotal accounts which can be inconsistent and unreliable. It’s difficult to design a quantitative experiment that shows the benefits of having a massage. The methodological challenges make it difficult to prove if massage indeed affects our overall wellbeing and health.

About relaxation and stress relief

Whether there’s scientific evidence or not, most of us agree that massage helps us relax and takes away some of our stress and worries. Aside from the massage itself, perhaps it’s a combination of the ambiance in the massage room, the friendliness and overall sociability of the masseuse and the staff and the isolation from the busy world. After a long day or week of work, more and more people get a massage to leave the day behind and perhaps start fresh for the next day or week.

Whether it’s a traditional Thai massage, foot reflexology, aromatherapy or a facial massage, stepping away from the busy atmosphere and treating yourself with a good massage can do wonders for your physical and mental states. Many times we just need a break so that we can consolidate everything that is happening and remind ourselves that everything shall pass and there’s always another day coming.

About treatment and performance enhancement

Aside from relaxation and stress relief, we also often associate massage with treatment (i.e. massage therapy) and performance enhancement (e.g. sports massage). Several studies have already been conducted to try to establish whether massage can indeed help in healing and improvement.

For example, some people have found some complementary methods to standard cancer treatment safe and helpful. These people have tried massage therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, meditation and other methods (source: American Cancer Society). However, everyone should be careful with these alternative and complementary therapies when it comes to fraud and exaggerated claims.

Performance enhancement is also associated with massage therapy. For instance, sports massage is often used to help athletes prepare for activities, prevent injuries and aid in healing from injuries. This kind of massage should be done by qualified professionals because of the need of specialised knowledge about anatomy, sports and biomechanics.

In summary and in conclusion, massage can help us relax and take a break from this busy and fast-paced life. We can benefit from it physically and mentally because of that temporary slowdown and the relaxing massage. But for medical treatment and sports performance enhancement, it could be a separate field and you need competent medical advice before proceeding.

Why Is It Important to Drink Water After a Massage?

Many people believe that a massage releases toxins and to flush the toxins out it helps to hydrate after the session. For instance, lactic acid might build up in the sore muscles during and after a massage. To flush the lactic acid, drinking water after the massage can help.

However, it’s not yet proven if drinking water and the massage itself indeed helps in flushing out lactic acid, metabolites (byproducts of normal metabolic activity) and toxins that might harm our bodies. There are concerns about urine colour and kidney function related to massage (release of toxins, damage and destruction of cells) but there’s no solid evidence yet.

Is it important to drink water after a massage?

It won’t hurt to drink a glass of water after a massage. Whether the statements above agree with you or not, drinking water and staying hydrated is important whether it’s a massage day or not. Hydration is important for facilitating biochemical and physical functions because water is a carrier of nutrients, toxins and other substances. It’s also a medium where important biochemical events take place.

In other words, toxins get flushed out whether you just had a massage or not. Also, it can be difficult to prove if a massage helps release toxins from the muscles. The amounts of byproducts from normal metabolic activities might increase but these are a constant presence in our bloodstream and far from harmful at all.

The question here then is if it’s absolutely essential to drink water after a massage. There’s no harm either way but you could still get thirsty after an hour of massage (plus having a facial treatment and undergoing reflexology). The preparation, potential waiting time and the massage session could take a few hours. This would naturally make you thirsty especially if you just came from work or a long day of shopping and leisure.

Proper hydration is vital in facilitating our biochemical and physical functions. This complements the health benefits of massage (e.g. reducing levels of stress hormones and inflammation, improving joint function). It’s not absolutely essential to drink a glass of water after a massage but it could still help you in lots of ways when it comes to maintaining or improving your health.

Let’s Talk About the Origins and History of Thai Massage

It goes way back over 2,500 years ago although the exact origin place and date is uncertain. That’s because Thai massage as we know it today could actually be a result of the influences from Chinese, Indian and other cultures. In addition, the evolution of this massage practice would have been gradual and dynamic through the centuries.

History of Thai massage

In ancient documents it’s said that Shivago Komarpaj is the founder of Thai massage and medicine and even was Buddha’s physician 2,500 years ago. Perhaps this thousand-years origin and the mention of the Buddha has cemented the credibility and long stay of this massage practice.

Perhaps the founder was inspired by the pre-existing healing traditions and practices back then. As we can witness from the massage, it’s a combination of yoga postures, Indian Ayurvedic principles and acupressure. That combination is perhaps what’s making Thai massage unique in its own right. As a result, it has a unique appeal and continues to attract people who want to try something ancient.

There are numerous Thai massage centres now because of that market need. In this busy and fast-paced life, most people need to take a break and slow down. Even when we go home, we can still feel the weight of responsibilities. Our minds just don’t stop working even if we’re far away from the workplace.

As a result, people search for an escape and they can easily find it by experiencing a Thai massage. It could be a 30-minute or 2-hour session but it’s all worth it because you get a chance to step back. In addition, the session encourages meditation because of the dance-like movements of the massage. After all, yoga and oriental practices are at work here so it’s inevitable to experience a meditative state and feeling.

Thai massage has been studied through the years and there’s a reason why it persists until today. Many people have reported positive benefits from the massage and that ancient appeal just never goes out of style. Perhaps in this age where everything’s new and changing, something old and ancient is what we need.

Does Reflexology Really Work?

Reflexology provides stress relief as reported by many people (especially if it’s foot reflexology). It’s similar to getting a body massage where people find relief from stress and discomfort.

But what does science and research say about the real benefits of reflexology? After all, it’s a subjective experience and different people might be getting different results from reflexology and massage. In addition, it might be difficult (or impossible) to quantify the benefits and results of reflexology.

Why reflexology works

Despite the lack of quantifiable and solid proof, there are theories that reasonably explain why other forms of treatment work especially if we’re talking about improving people’s wellbeing. For instance, the calming touch (reflexology is about applying different amounts of pressure to the feet) can help reduce pain and stress and improve someone’s mood as well. This alone can improve someone’s wellbeing and perhaps feel healthy.

As will all other “treatments” and means to improve health, we should not depend on one method alone and instead cover all the basics such as having proper diet and doing regular exercise. Instead of seeing reflexology and massage as “treatments,” it might be more helpful to see them as “treats” that you deserve after an exhausting week. They can still help you reduce stress and improve mood but for best results, it’s good to still rely on doctor-recommended treatments.

Feeling good and better health

Reflexology can help us feel good which then translates to better health. After all, our emotions affect our biochemistry (which then in turn facilitates proper physical and cognitive function). It’s similar to how exercise and diet changes our biochemistry for the better. With a good biochemical makeup, our brains and bodies can function really well.

Reflexology and massage affect our emotions because of how they help improve our mood. As a result, our biochemical makeup changes which could then lead to improved physical health. It’s not a straightforward and quantifiable path but based on our earlier reasoning, there’s some ground for believing that the “treats” actually lead to tangible benefits.

If you want to experience the benefits first hand, you can contact us here at Thai Village Massage & Spa. After an exhausting day or week, a massage or reflexology session is one of the great ways to experience relief from pressures and responsibilities.

How Often Should I Get a Massage?

Once or twice a month is already enough. This way you can still fully enjoy the massage and get the full benefits from each session. Too often (e.g. every week) can dilute the effects of the massage or allow you to get insensitive in time. After all, you’re having the massage to relax and unwind (and get your mind away for a while from work and other responsibilities). If the relaxation and massage are too often, the positive effects eventually wear out.

How often should I get a massage?

Two Saturdays each month is already good. You can also opt for just once a month or even just once a quarter (4 times a year). And yes, you don’t have to just stick with body massage because you can also choose having a facial treatment once in a while. After all, the signs of stress and exhaustion first show up on the face. Having a facial treatment can help get rid of some of those signs and reveal some of the youthful radiance. It’s probably good to have this on a Sunday or the beginning of a month or week so that the effect will be seen for the next few or several days.

Foot reflexology is also great if you want to try something new (the effects of recent body massages are wearing out). If you’ve realised that you’ve been walking a lot recently (either because of shopping or you now prefer walking long distances over cycling or commuting), foot reflexology can be a good treat especially because it’s all about gentle pressures applied on the tired feet.

Aside from relaxation, many people also look for a massage service in search of pain relief. This needs medical guidance because massage is mainly for comfort and relaxation (medical approaches are still best for treatment). Whether you’re an athlete, an everyday person, pregnant or elderly, it’s best to consult your doctor before undergoing a massage (especially if you consider getting a deep tissue massage).

Getting a massage is one of the best treats you can give yourself because of the immediate benefit (and might also help you get rejuvenated or reenergised for a new challenging week ahead). If you can’t remember when’s the last time you got a massage, perhaps it’s the best time now to get one. Contact us here at Thai Village Massage & Spa.

What are the Psychological Effects of Massage

After a long exhausting day or week, our bodies have already run out of gas and our brains will reach out for anything to relieve the stress and exhaustion. A refreshing drink and a good food might not be enough for that.

Many people now choose a massage instead. That’s because massage can instantly bring relief and relaxation and moreover, the effects will linger for the rest of the day and the week. Aside from allowing your body to relax, there are also other effects that will benefit your entire health and improve your overall well being.

Psychological effects of massage

First, it’s about giving yourself a treat. Our brains and bodies always crave for a reward especially after an exhausting day. Perhaps you’ve already noticed that when after shopping you bought a sweet treat. We’re all just wired to always seek something good even if the long-term effects might be harmful to us. Rewarding ourselves with food, sweets, sugary beverages and alcoholic drinks might give an instant benefit but will work against us down the road.

In contrast, having a professional massage won’t harm us in any way. Instantly we give ourselves a reward and in the long term we’ll improve our well being (minus the damage to our liver and without increasing our blood sugar level for the long term). We get the reward that our brains and bodies need while also being responsible about our health.

Aside from the psychological reward, a massage also tells our bodies that we deserve the best things in life. This then better motivates as to work smarter and harder because we’re telling ourselves that we’re getting a nice reward from our hard work. In other words, it’s just difficult to stay naturally driven and motivated if we’re always working hard but there’s no reward on sight (e.g. the results of our hard work only goes to paying the bills).

A massage is a small thing that can bring great results. It can only be a 30-minute massage but the rewards will be instant and linger for the rest of the day or week. It’s time to reward yourself for your hard work and good thing is that a massage is not that expensive compared to other treats. And the best thing about massage is that you can have it today. Contact us today here at Thai Village Massage & Spa.

Why Is a Pleasing Aroma Good for Our Health

There are smells that can trigger memories and emotions. Perhaps it’s the smell of your favourite meal, the freshly mowed lawn or the smell of the ocean. They soothe us and make us forget for a while this fast-paced and uncertain world.

This is a good thing because we actually have control on our emotions. We’re not talking about positive thinking and being philosophical and stoic about what’s happening to us. What we’re talking about is something much simpler and within our grasp.

The benefits of aromatherapy

It’s about savouring the pleasing aroma that triggers positive memories and emotions. Although nothing can replace seeing a loved one, a pleasing aroma can instantly make you feel good. This is good for your overall health because if you feel good, the body responds accordingly. You’ll notice that you feel ready again to face the challenges whether at home, school or work.

You don’t have to wait for the smell of freshly mowed lawn or the ocean breeze. Today you have something within reach by visiting a massage centre with aromatherapy services. It’s within your control and you can take advantage of it anytime you want (especially after a long day of work or a stressful week). You don’t need positive thinking here because the pleasing aroma will do the work automatically.

How does it work? Certain smells and aromas stimulate the areas of our brains that play a role in emotions and long-term memory. We automatically associate some smells to particular milestones and events. For example, the smell of the ocean is relaxing because every time we’re near the ocean, we feel that we’re on a break or we always remember the times when our parents take us to the beach every March.

Why is a pleasing aroma good for our health

It triggers positive emotions and memories. In this fast-paced and uncertain world, we deserve a break once in a while not just to recharge, but also to savour life and find meaning in it. Aromatherapy is just one of several ways to accomplish that and this is a good first step to feel once again what it’s like to have a worry-free life.

What are the Benefits of Massaging Lower Back?

Massaging lower back has physical, mental and emotional benefits. It can help you relieve the tension, relax, get better sleep and get into a positive mood. As a result, you will feel better and healthy especially if you get a regular massage.

Relieve muscular tension

Muscle strain and tension at the back is often caused by repetitive movement or all-day immobility. That’s why discomfort or pain at the lower back is often common to both labourers and office workers.

The problem is more prevalent to office workers who sit all day. They also get into unhealthy postures (e.g. slumping on a chair) which put additional strain into their spine. Through the weeks or months, this will have some effect on their backs.

To relieve some of the muscular tension, a once a week massage might help. This will help improve blood circulation. This will also help in relaxing the muscles.

Attain relaxation

You truly deserve a treat once in a while. After a long week of hard work, you just need something that will relax you and take your mind away from the pressures at the office.

A massage is one great way to achieve that. It will totally distract you from work. The environment and the feel can get rid of all your worries. After a massage session, you will surely feel rejuvenated.

Relaxation doesn’t mean you have to take a long weekend. Even just for an hour of massage, you can experience the same benefits. You can put all your worries and problems behind for a while. This can even help you clear your mind.

Get better sleep

Modern times and practices have made many people in Sydney get deprived of sleep. It’s because many of us think about a lot of things. We’re also receiving too much stimulus from technology and modern life.

Modern life has also made us adopt healthy practices (both at home and office). Our modern practices put tension on our backs. As a result, we always feel the discomfort which makes it difficult to fall asleep at night.

A lower back massage (and if possible, a full body massage and scrub) can remove that discomfort. You will then feel comfortable at night and struggle less on falling asleep. You will also have an improved blood circulation which can help in making your body achieve a full rest.

Improve your mood

If you regularly get a massage, you will always feel at your best condition. This is a result of getting enough sleep, feeling comfortable and having enough time for relaxation. Overall, this will help you get into a positive mood.

Aside from that, you’ll also become more productive. This will also clear your thinking which would help you attain optimum physical and mental performance. You get all that with just a short but regular massage.

Massaging lower back Sydney

Here at Thai Village Massage, we specialise in ensuring that customers receive the treat they deserve after a long week of work.

Visit us at one of our locations and we’ll ensure the relaxation you deserve.

Spa Treatments Sydney: 6 Relaxing Things to Try

From head to toe, you can find spa treatments that are sure to take away your anxiety and stress. Here in Sydney, the Thai Village Massage & Spa can help you with that. We have a wide range of treatments you can try such as:

1. Traditional Thai massage

Thai massage can help you decrease cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and improve blood circulation. This leads to better well-being both physically and emotionally. Also, it’s been popular for centuries (2,500 years) and is here to stay for centuries to come.

2. Aromatherapy

Aside from reducing anxiety, aromatherapy is also known to boost energy levels and induce sleep. Even after the treatment, you can still enjoy the benefits when you’re about to go to bed or get a full relaxation. It’s effective because it can affect your emotional states (certain smells can make you feel good naturally).

3. Pure Cocoa Body Butter Massage

Chocolates (which are made from cocoa) are known to induce good mood. In addition, applying cocoa on skin also has other benefits. For instance, cocoa contains substances which have strong antioxidant properties. That’s why it’s effective in softening and clearing the skin.

4. Foot Reflexology

Your feet carry the pressure and weight. Each day (whether you’re commuting or walking to work), your feet can experience a lot of pressure and strain. With foot reflexology, you can give your feet a treat. This relaxing treatment can help you experience pain relief. It can also help you improve blood circulation.

5. Hot Stone Massage

This treatment helps expand blood vessels (heat leads to expansion) thereby improving blood circulation. It can help in flushing away the toxins and may even lead to better sleep. Whether it’s summer or winter, you can enjoy the relaxing and health benefits of hot stone massage.

6. Facial Massage

This is getting popular because we’re now paying extra attention to the most exposed part of our body (the face). When you’re always stressed and exhausted, the signs will first manifest on the face. To clear those signs, a good facial massage will greatly help.

Spa treatments Sydney

We provide all those relaxing treatments here at Thai Village Massage & Spa. Check our locations near you and get the treat you deserve.

Body Scrub Spa: How Will It Help You Relax & Rejuvenate

A body scrub spa can be your place to experience the perfect weekend treat. It’s where you can leave the problems and pressures behind. It’s your time to give your body the treat it deserves.

There are many massage spas in Sydney. Whichever you choose, don’t forget about the body scrub. This is the way to getting the most out of the service.

Many Sydney individuals and professionals request for a body scrub mainly due to the following benefits:

1. Reduce stress, experience relaxation

When we experience chronic stress, our skin’s the first to manifest the effects. That’s because it occupies a large surface area. In addition, we often forget about our skin because of our focus on our face.

Truly, a facial massage or treatment can help us reduce stress and feel relaxation. However, a body scrub can also provide the same (or more) benefits. Our body can get a full treat this way.

2. Moisturise

A body scrub and treatment session can provide the skin with some of the nutrients it needs. The skin will also get moisturised and protect itself from the harmful elements outside.

One secret to having a fresh and glowy skin is by moisturising regularly. You can accomplish this by having a weekly or monthly body scrub treatment. After every session and during the course of several weeks, you will notice the improvement of your skin’s glow.

3. Have a fresher-looking skin

This happens partly because of the improved blood circulation. Our bodies won’t need to work extra hard to flush away toxins. Essential nutrients will also be able to flow freely into the different areas of our skin.

Body scrub spa Sydney

This weekend (or perhaps even just after work), it’s time to give your body the treat it deserves. If you need a weekend treat for your face and the whole body, the Thai Village Massage & Spa can help you. We have 14 locations over Sydney.