Why Is It Important to Drink Water After a Massage?

Many people believe that a massage releases toxins and to flush the toxins out it helps to hydrate after the session. For instance, lactic acid might build up in the sore muscles during and after a massage. To flush the lactic acid, drinking water after the massage can help.

However, it’s not yet proven if drinking water and the massage itself indeed helps in flushing out lactic acid, metabolites (byproducts of normal metabolic activity) and toxins that might harm our bodies. There are concerns about urine colour and kidney function related to massage (release of toxins, damage and destruction of cells) but there’s no solid evidence yet.

Is it important to drink water after a massage?

It won’t hurt to drink a glass of water after a massage. Whether the statements above agree with you or not, drinking water and staying hydrated is important whether it’s a massage day or not. Hydration is important for facilitating biochemical and physical functions because water is a carrier of nutrients, toxins and other substances. It’s also a medium where important biochemical events take place.

In other words, toxins get flushed out whether you just had a massage or not. Also, it can be difficult to prove if a massage helps release toxins from the muscles. The amounts of byproducts from normal metabolic activities might increase but these are a constant presence in our bloodstream and far from harmful at all.

The question here then is if it’s absolutely essential to drink water after a massage. There’s no harm either way but you could still get thirsty after an hour of massage (plus having a facial treatment and undergoing reflexology). The preparation, potential waiting time and the massage session could take a few hours. This would naturally make you thirsty especially if you just came from work or a long day of shopping and leisure.

Proper hydration is vital in facilitating our biochemical and physical functions. This complements the health benefits of massage (e.g. reducing levels of stress hormones and inflammation, improving joint function). It’s not absolutely essential to drink a glass of water after a massage but it could still help you in lots of ways when it comes to maintaining or improving your health.