Why Do You Sleep Better After a Massage?

Whether it’s at home or a spa, a quick massage can help you sleep better and often feel good and refreshed the next day. Also, more and more Australians realise the importance of enough sleep in their health and how it affects their learning and productivity.

Economic cost of sleep disorders

Lack of sleep is expensive both on the individual and national level. It’s estimated that sleep disorders cost Australia more than $5 billion each year (source: Sleep Health Foundation). That high cost is because of expenses related to healthcare, lost productivity and opportunities as well as other indirect costs. That $5 billion could be a lot lower estimate because we’re not totally accounting for the long-term effects of lack of sleep. Perhaps someone got into a motor accident, incurred a workplace injury or missed a huge opportunity because she didn’t sleep well last night. It’s also possible that some people got into expensive legal troubles just because of their temper (which could be partly caused by sleep disorders).

Because of the high cost and potential huge effect to our health, Australians take measures to sleep better each night. Some invest in high-quality mattresses (we spend almost 33% of our lives in bed) and some get into meditation and massage. After all, our modern fast-paced lifestyle is a lot to blame for our stress. But with old-fashioned meditation and massage, we can breathe and slow down a bit.

Massage is relaxing and makes us slow down. The relaxing press and touch on our soft muscles make us feel that all is well and we should savour the moment. Also, a good massage also shields us away from the fast-paced living outside. Often the spa has an environment that is in heavy contrast with the noisy and busy settings of our workplaces, shopping centres and congested roads.

Indeed, a massage can be a great answer to sleeping better and longer. It’s also a small investment that yields a high return because both the massage and sleep can help you get healthier, more focused and more productive.