What are the Psychological Effects of Massage

After a long exhausting day or week, our bodies have already run out of gas and our brains will reach out for anything to relieve the stress and exhaustion. A refreshing drink and a good food might not be enough for that.

Many people now choose a massage instead. That’s because massage can instantly bring relief and relaxation and moreover, the effects will linger for the rest of the day and the week. Aside from allowing your body to relax, there are also other effects that will benefit your entire health and improve your overall well being.

Psychological effects of massage

First, it’s about giving yourself a treat. Our brains and bodies always crave for a reward especially after an exhausting day. Perhaps you’ve already noticed that when after shopping you bought a sweet treat. We’re all just wired to always seek something good even if the long-term effects might be harmful to us. Rewarding ourselves with food, sweets, sugary beverages and alcoholic drinks might give an instant benefit but will work against us down the road.

In contrast, having a professional massage won’t harm us in any way. Instantly we give ourselves a reward and in the long term we’ll improve our well being (minus the damage to our liver and without increasing our blood sugar level for the long term). We get the reward that our brains and bodies need while also being responsible about our health.

Aside from the psychological reward, a massage also tells our bodies that we deserve the best things in life. This then better motivates as to work smarter and harder because we’re telling ourselves that we’re getting a nice reward from our hard work. In other words, it’s just difficult to stay naturally driven and motivated if we’re always working hard but there’s no reward on sight (e.g. the results of our hard work only goes to paying the bills).

A massage is a small thing that can bring great results. It can only be a 30-minute massage but the rewards will be instant and linger for the rest of the day or week. It’s time to reward yourself for your hard work and good thing is that a massage is not that expensive compared to other treats. And the best thing about massage is that you can have it today. Contact us today here at Thai Village Massage & Spa.