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Thai massage is one of the most refreshing ways of rejuvenating your body and mind. Since the incredible Ayurvedic doctor named Jivaka Kumar Bhacca invented this traditional form of massage in the times of Buddha, this ancient healing system has gained popularity beyond the Orient. Indeed it is rated one of the most common types of massage in the largest cities across the globe.

At Thai Village, our traditional Thai massage is all about regaining your strength after a strenuous day at work. The fact that modern society demands more physical and mental exertion means you are most certainly exhausted by the time you are done for the day. But that’s not all, you sometimes have to carry work home with you to meet the never ending deadlines.

Our new blog is dedicated to educating you about the beauty of this form of ancient therapy. This traditional therapy combines point pressure on vital energy channels to promote unhindered, energy meridian work, and yoga stretching which rejuvenates your muscles and invigorates both body and mind.

Why is everyone raving about our Thai massage Sydney services? It is not only an ideal way to reinvigorate your body but the fact that it eliminates all tension in the body is an added advantage. After a session you feel more relaxed, destressed and after a good night’s sleep you are ready to face the next day head on.

As the best Thai massage parlour in the city we advise everyone to visit us for a traditional Thai massage at least once. Whether you are just tired or feeling stiff and sore or feel like a treat Thai massage is the best solution. What’s more, our services are perfect if you play sports and have had an intense game or sessions and your muscles are tender. You can also leverage our therapy sessions if you suffer from arthritis or any other debilitating diseases.
What benefits will you get?

The benefits include more strength and flexibility, muscle relaxation, enhanced lymphatic function and heightened immunity. With improved flexibility you will be able to enjoy life more.

If you are wondering why this is a distinct form of massage, consider the fact that no oils or lotions are used in the process. You will also not have to undress because your pressure points are well known and the masseur will concentrate on eliminating the piled up tension in these areas.

Quite fascinating isn’t it? You will be getting more updates on our Sydney Thai massage and trends in this area in our new blog section. Of course you can always comment and ask us everything that you would like to know. Your feedback is always welcome!