How to Prepare for a Deep Tissue Massage

Will it hurt? What would I feel and experience during the massage? What should I expect and how can I prepare myself?

Perhaps those are the questions in your mind right now. Having a deep tissue massage is a bit intimidating and thinking about the pain is enough to repel many other people. But if you still want to go on and experience the pain and the resulting relief from deep tissue massage, let’s answer the questions in your mind right now:

Will it hurt?

At times it might feel painful and uncomfortable. After all, it’s about reaching the muscles’ deeper layers and to do that the massage therapists need to apply strong pressure. It will be light strokes at first to warm up the muscles and prepare your mind and body for the possible pain later. Well, the pain and discomfort will be tolerable even when the therapist uses his/her knuckles and elbows to reach the deeper layers of your muscles and realign the tissue fibres.

During the massage, the pain and discomfort might be too much for you which is why you need to alert the therapist about what you feel. He/she can stop or apply lighter pressure so that the discomfort will be more tolerable. Even after the massage, you might still feel uncomfortable because of soreness or stiffness. Normally, it will pass within a day and you’ll feel refreshed afterwards.

What should you expect and how to prepare

The massage therapist might ask you about specific problem areas. Do you experience chronic pain in the neck and your back? Do you feel some stiffness in your shoulders? Depending on your problem area, the massage therapist might focus on that or apply specific techniques to help remove the pain.

During the massage, it starts with warm-up and light strokes to prepare your mind and body. It’s a gradual process so that your body can somehow anticipate what happens next. The pressure gets heavier afterwards as the therapist tries to reach the deep layers. The therapist may focus on the tense areas and apply firm pressure.

Overall, having a deep tissue massage is a worthwhile experience. It could be quite intimidating but the initial discomfort will surely pass. After all, many other people are getting this type of massage and often they try this after becoming “immune and numb” already to lighter massage such as the Swedish massage.