How Often Should I Get a Massage?

Once or twice a month is already enough. This way you can still fully enjoy the massage and get the full benefits from each session. Too often (e.g. every week) can dilute the effects of the massage or allow you to get insensitive in time. After all, you’re having the massage to relax and unwind (and get your mind away for a while from work and other responsibilities). If the relaxation and massage are too often, the positive effects eventually wear out.

How often should I get a massage?

Two Saturdays each month is already good. You can also opt for just once a month or even just once a quarter (4 times a year). And yes, you don’t have to just stick with body massage because you can also choose having a facial treatment once in a while. After all, the signs of stress and exhaustion first show up on the face. Having a facial treatment can help get rid of some of those signs and reveal some of the youthful radiance. It’s probably good to have this on a Sunday or the beginning of a month or week so that the effect will be seen for the next few or several days.

Foot reflexology is also great if you want to try something new (the effects of recent body massages are wearing out). If you’ve realised that you’ve been walking a lot recently (either because of shopping or you now prefer walking long distances over cycling or commuting), foot reflexology can be a good treat especially because it’s all about gentle pressures applied on the tired feet.

Aside from relaxation, many people also look for a massage service in search of pain relief. This needs medical guidance because massage is mainly for comfort and relaxation (medical approaches are still best for treatment). Whether you’re an athlete, an everyday person, pregnant or elderly, it’s best to consult your doctor before undergoing a massage (especially if you consider getting a deep tissue massage).

Getting a massage is one of the best treats you can give yourself because of the immediate benefit (and might also help you get rejuvenated or reenergised for a new challenging week ahead). If you can’t remember when’s the last time you got a massage, perhaps it’s the best time now to get one. Contact us here at Thai Village Massage & Spa.