How Does Foot Reflexology Work?

Foot reflexology is about applying different amounts of pressure on the feet. Many people have reported that they felt relaxed (during and after the session). This also helped them slow down and treat themselves after a long exhausting day or week.

How does foot reflexology work?

It’s been believed that stress and illness come from disrupting the flow of vital energy in our bodies. The resulting blockage and imbalance can then be removed by applying pressure on certain points. Both the pressure and human touch will help bring back the energy flow to normal. Aside from stress relief, this also helps allow the energy to flow into the different parts of the body (especially to those parts with illness).

Here we see that the human body is a single integrated system. When there’s something wrong with the heart, kidney, bones or even a single joint, it affects our entire bodies. In foot reflexology, it’s believed that the nerves in the feet are connected to our nervous system (which is integral to our normal daily functions). If our feet undergo reflexology, we help restore the balance and the flow in the different parts of our bodies.

Is reflexology safe?

Often it’s just a mild pressure which is why many people report that it’s relaxing and comforting. In addition, it’s a non-invasive procedure so there’s not much to worry about it. However, it’s different if you have a serious health condition (inflammation or blood clots in your feet and legs, gout, circulatory problems, open wounds). It’s best to consult a doctor if you have any concerns before trying reflexology.

Good news is that for most people, reflexology is safe because it’s non-invasive and comfortable. Aside from restoring that energy flow and balance, the calming atmosphere in the massage spa helps people step away from busyness and chaos (even if it’s just for a while). Also, this calming environment reminds them that they deserve a treat especially after an exhausting week full of responsibilities. Once in a while it helps to step away from all that and come out refreshed and ready to take on the next set of challenges.