Does Reflexology Really Work?

Reflexology provides stress relief as reported by many people (especially if it’s foot reflexology). It’s similar to getting a body massage where people find relief from stress and discomfort.

But what does science and research say about the real benefits of reflexology? After all, it’s a subjective experience and different people might be getting different results from reflexology and massage. In addition, it might be difficult (or impossible) to quantify the benefits and results of reflexology.

Why reflexology works

Despite the lack of quantifiable and solid proof, there are theories that reasonably explain why other forms of treatment work especially if we’re talking about improving people’s wellbeing. For instance, the calming touch (reflexology is about applying different amounts of pressure to the feet) can help reduce pain and stress and improve someone’s mood as well. This alone can improve someone’s wellbeing and perhaps feel healthy.

As will all other “treatments” and means to improve health, we should not depend on one method alone and instead cover all the basics such as having proper diet and doing regular exercise. Instead of seeing reflexology and massage as “treatments,” it might be more helpful to see them as “treats” that you deserve after an exhausting week. They can still help you reduce stress and improve mood but for best results, it’s good to still rely on doctor-recommended treatments.

Feeling good and better health

Reflexology can help us feel good which then translates to better health. After all, our emotions affect our biochemistry (which then in turn facilitates proper physical and cognitive function). It’s similar to how exercise and diet changes our biochemistry for the better. With a good biochemical makeup, our brains and bodies can function really well.

Reflexology and massage affect our emotions because of how they help improve our mood. As a result, our biochemical makeup changes which could then lead to improved physical health. It’s not a straightforward and quantifiable path but based on our earlier reasoning, there’s some ground for believing that the “treats” actually lead to tangible benefits.

If you want to experience the benefits first hand, you can contact us here at Thai Village Massage & Spa. After an exhausting day or week, a massage or reflexology session is one of the great ways to experience relief from pressures and responsibilities.