Beat Holiday Stress With Traditional Thai Massage

The holiday season is filled with joy, cheer, and time spent with family. Christmas can also be filled with lots of stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Luckily, traditional Thai massage can help to alleviate stress in all its forms!

Sources Of Stress
Stress can come in many forms during the holiday season, and it affects everyone in different ways.

Holidays mean parties and family gatherings galore. If you are hosting one or more events, you are in charge of decorating, organising food, and making the guest list. Pulling all of this together takes mental effort and time, something we are all a bit short on.

Even just attending a party can be stressful. You must share personal details about the past year to family and friends. That much transparency can often leave us feeling drained.

The expectations during the holiday season are very real, and constantly present. From hosting the perfect party to sending the best Christmas card, or even buying presents, trying to live up to what others expect of us can be challenging and stressful. In the age of social media especially, we post our (heavily edited) lives online for all to see. We see what we “should be doing” during Christmas, and this adds another source of stress.

Beating Stress
With all of this stress during the season of giving, you should give yourself a gift: the best Thai massage! In fact, the Mayo Clinic recommends massage as one of the BEST ways to help prevent or recover from being overly stressed.

At Thai Village Massage and Spa, we offer relaxing and stress-busting massages and facials designed to help balance your energies and re-center your spirit. One sure to beat the holiday blues massage is the Thai Herbal Hot Compress. This traditional Thai massage uses 10 Thai herbs to decrease tension and improve circulation, as well as to help with aches and pains.

A Facial Massage with Collagen Facial Massage Cream is also ideal for helping to relieve stress while also being anti-ageing and rehydrating.

Foot Reflexology is just what you need after a hot day of Christmas shopping. Your feet are tired from all that walking in the Australian winter, and this targeted treatment will help to release tension and boost your immune system.

Reward yourself this Christmas for burning the candle at both ends with the best Thai massage Sydney has to offer.